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Tableau Training in Vijayawada at Zenith Trainings is a Job oriented course providing you in depth understanding and imparting knowledge about Tableau Data Visualization. This Course consists of SQL Basics, DWH Concepts, Mapping, Chart Creation, Gantt, Sparkline, Tableau Statistics etc.

We provide professional Tableau training in Vijayawada. The Training modules are extensive to cover the basic level to the Extended-Advanced level. Tableau Training at Zenith Trainings will also cover how to integrate Tableau with R and Big Data. Tableau is one of the emerging tools in Data Visualization and Business intelligence and Tableau is the best option for the career. Data in the present scenario plays an important role in decision making in industries and in nearby future, we will be generating a huge amount of data.

SQL & DWH Basics
  • SQL Introduction
  • SQL Syntax & Commands
  • SQL: Create DB, Delete DB, Create Table, Delete Table, Update Table,Primary Key, Foreign Key
  • SQL Joins
  • Data warehouse Introduction
  • Data warehouse Architecture, OLAP, OLTP
  • Starflake & Snowflake Schema
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (Type 0, Type I, Type II)
  TABLEAU – DATA VISUALIZATION   Content Introduction
    • Basic Knowledge of DWH Concepts
    • BI Overview
  Tableau Introduction
    • Why Tableau?
    • Tableau Products
    • Tableau File Types
    • Tableau Architecture
    • Tableau Desktop Installation & Licensing
    • Explore Tableau Start Page
    • Tableau User Interface
    • Basic Tableau Visualization
  Working with Data in Tableau
    • Data Interpreter – Pivot
    • Data Extraction
    • Data Blending
    • Join vs Blend
    • Cross Database joins
  Tableau Data Manipulation
    • Dimensions & Measures
    • Continuous & discrete Data
    • Creating hierarchies
    • Grouping by Folder
    • Marks Card in Tableau
    • Tableau Formatting
    • Sorting in Tableau-Manual & Custom Sorting
  Tableau Filtering
    • Tableau Filtering
    • Quick Filters
    • Conditional Filters
    • Top/Bottom Filter
    • Context Filter
    • Wildcard Filter
    • Parameters in Tableau
    • Tableau Worksheet Actions
    • User Filter
    • Data Source Filter
  Tableau Groups, Sets & Calculations
    • Groups in Tableau
    • Creating set in tableau (Constant, Computed & Combined)
    • Basic Calculations
    • Quick Table Calculations
    • Level of Detail Calculations
  Basic Charts in Tableau
    • Bar Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Text Tables
    • Heat Map
    • Scatter Plot
    • Dual Axis Chart
    • Bubble Chart
  Maps in Tableau
    • Symbol Maps
    • Filled Maps
    • Editing Location in Maps
    • Custom Geocoding
    • Using Shape files in Map
    • Map Options
  Statistical Analytics in Tableau
    • Using Reference lines, Bands & Distribution in visualization
    • Linear Regression in Tableau
    • Trend lines
    • Forecasting (Why, who & Strategy)
    • Using Totals
    • K- Means Clustering
    • Average, mean & Median in Tableau
  Dashboards & Story
    • Creating My First Dashboard
    • Formatting a Dashboard
    • Using Actions in Dashboard
    • Linking Multiple Dashboards
    • ayout Container
    • Creating Story in Tableau
  Advance Charts in Tableau
    • Histograms
    • Gantt Chart
    • Bump Chart, Waterfall Chart, Bullet Graph, Lollipop Chart
  Working with Various Tableau Products
    • Exporting Worksheets, Workbooks
    • Tableau Reader, Tableau Public, Tableau Online
  Tableau Server
    • Tableau Server Installation
    • Content Management
    • Publishing to Tableau server/Tableau online
    • Creating Users, Groups & Roles
  SQL & DWH Basics
    • SQL Introduction
    • SQL Syntax & Commands
    • SQL: Create DB, Delete DB, Create Table, Delete Table, Update Table
    • Primary Key, Foreign Key
    • SQL Joins
    • Data warehouse Introduction
    • Data warehouse Architecture, OLAP, OLTP
    • Starflake & Snowflake Schema
Slowly Changing Dimensions (Type 0, Type I, Type II)

Q. Why Should I Learn Tableau From Zenith Trainings?

A: Zenith Trainings is one of the best organizations for Tableau training. As you know Tableau has been consistently placed among Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence domain. In the field of Data Visualization clearly Tableau is unbeatable. The Zenith Trainings Tableau training is the most comprehensive course packed with real time and highly relevant projects, assignments and course material specially designed by industry experts to help you learn Tableau. All our Tableau certification training course content is aligned towards clearing the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam Certification.
Upon completion of the Tableau certification training course you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world at top salaries. Zenith Trainings offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 Support, and course material upgrading to latest version at no extra fees. Hence it is clearly a one-time investment.

Q. Can I Request For A Support Session If I Need To Better Understand The Topics?

A: Zenith Trainings is offering the 24/7 query resolution and you can raise a ticket with the dedicated support team anytime. You can avail the email support for all your queries. In the event of your query not getting resolved through email we can also arrange one-to-one sessions with the trainers. You would be glad to know that you can contact Zenith Trainings support even after completion of the training. We also do not put a limit on the number of tickets you can raise when it comes to query resolution and doubt clearance.

Tareg Alnaeem

Ok thank you to the entire Zenith Trainings team for the wonderful Tableau business intelligence training. I would like to mention about the height of dedication of the trainers, support, operations, admins and their level of involvement.

Samar Jain

The Zenith Trainings Tableau training is a professionally designed training to meet the increased demand from industry and I have completely benefited from it. I would recommend this Tableau certification training from Zenith Trainings to anybody looking to make a career in business intelligence.

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