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Are you looking to increase the potential of your workforce? We provide fit-for-purpose training and a range of professional development services structured to meet the needs of different work environments.

Our training approach

We will work with you to find the right solution for your training goals, by connecting learning outcomes to your on-the-job projects & assessments.
Our experienced team of industry-focused instructors ensures that our training programs are designed to engage your staff and increase productivity for your organization.

Customize your training program

We will work directly with you to customize training programs and meet your organizational needs, by assessing:
your organization's readiness for change any gaps between existing and required performance of your staff.
The current knowledge, skills and attitudes of your staff and which needed to achieve your goals.
Using information derived from these assessments, we will create a training program designed to maximize the productivity and performance of your staff.

Training modes                     

We deliver training in a way which works for you. This might be in the workplace, online and at our campuses / through a combination of methods.
Our programs offer:
flexible entry and exit points
accredited and non-accredited awards
experiential learning through mentoring and coaching
industry-based projects and assessments
language, literacy and numeracy assistance
credit for skills and past study.

Measuring success

Once your training program is complete, we will help you to measure and evaluate the benefits of your investment.
Our appraisal will provide feedback on the impact training has had on staff engagement and efficiency for your business.
We can also work with you to identify opportunities for further association, such as partnering on research that leads to new technologies and business solutions.

Contact us

To find out more about how we can assist your organization through the delivery of training and consultancy, please contact:

Zenith Trainings

Phone: +91 63051 49934





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